Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am so excited to share with you my new baby...Closet Peek.
My goal is to showcase personal wardrobe and closets of amazing women.
I hope it will bring inspiration to you and your closets.
Closet Peek: Bonnie Jones

I first met Bonnie while taking her Yoga class 5 years ago. Who knew that behind the yoga gear she was a vintage-clotheshorse-mad-over-shoes-queen-fashionista. There is a reason why we hit it off! Bonnie swears that when her dream walk in closet is ready, we will be the 1st to see it. For now, let us melt over her collection of swanky vintage and countless-to-die for pieces.
Please meet the beautiful Bonnie:


I am thrilled to announce my new company: On Demand Workout (ODW). ODW offers private and semi-private custom workouts, group fitness, and massage to a discerning clientele. Our product is a made-to-order fitness experience incorporating virtually any mind-body or sports discipline the client specifies. ODW is for anyone who only wants the best and is ideal for the active traveler who wants to continue their regimen while away from home. In addition, ODW has partnered with select mind-body providers to produce master classes based on new and exciting fitness trends. And, of course, I’m still teaching my yoga classes and working with clients privately. Things are busy and exciting...just the way I like it!

What are your shopping secrets?

I love to mix it up, everything from couture and vintage to budget conscious pieces. One of my favorite past times is shopping online. You can take your time, peruse and meander from site to site. It’s so relaxing and, for me anyway, somewhat meditative. But when I do venture out to shop, the first place I go is Dreamgirls in Ocean Beach. I love that place! For spring and summer frocks at great prices you cannot go wrong! Pair one of those cute summer dresses up with a vintage bag and sexy Louboutins ...and voila you've got yourself a knockout outfit!

Who would your 5 ultimate fashion dream dinner guests be?

Describe your style in 3 words:

How often do you edit your wardrobe?
Once a year at most. I should probably edit more often but just don't have the time.

Who's fashion sense do you admire most?
Jennifer Lopez
Wilhemina Slater (Vanessa Williams character on Ugly Betty)
Bianca Jagger
Edie Sedgwick

Where can we find you shopping?
Neiman Marcus

Thank you Ryan for your beautiful photography:

I would love your comments and feedback.


  1. Bonnie Saldivar JonesApril 14, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    what a fantastic afternoon...thank you both...much much love!

  2. Love the sheer Chanel tank! And of course those sky-blue Louboutins....

  3. Gorgeous model!! Nice shoes too.

  4. I love your closet, love love love love it. I especially love the fact that you truly love what you buy and not buy it because society tells you to do so. One can see it in the picture of your shoes. The The sheer tank is stunning and your quotes were witty and smart.

  5. Bonnie Jones you are so fabulous!! I will also take the Chanel tank. And where did you buy all those great boots?

  6. A Goddess in the Inner and Outer World...Manifest!

  7. Love the blog, Mahjuba!! Fantastic idea. I'll add it to my daily blog reads!! Gorgeous shoes, Bonnie! xoxo Lisa Lee

  8. Georgous shoes! I love peeking in closets and this is a wonderful little chewy fun blog!

  9. I love the idea of peeking into someone's closet and who better to start with that Bonnie! Loved the blog. I'll add it to my daily reads.

  10. What a GREAT profile and insight into your amazing closet and FAB Bonnie! LUV it honey, keep going. 1 recommendation, copy/paste link into FB so all of your friends can see your latest posts and enjoy pics and stories. Lupe

  11. a good read, awesome!