Saturday, June 25, 2011

Closet Peek: Jason Wimberly

I met Jason through a mutual friend years ago and was instantly enamored. Since then, I have had the pleasure of hanging out with him many times. He has not failed to make me laugh and giggle. Not only is he funny but he is always impeccably dressed with an unbelievably cut up and toned body. He had me running to the gym at first glance. We had the honor of shooting his closet before he was off jet setting to film for an upcoming reality show. Stay tuned for more info on the show but just know it will be fabulous just like Mr. Wimberly.

Creative Consultant, Lifestyle Manager, Fitness Coash, Performer, forthcoming Author and Owner of Wimberly Worldwide.

What are some of your shopping secrets?

I am extremely specific. I know precise cuts and lines I go for,
and immediately can find those things on the rack.Once I find something I know works, I buy it in every color and fabric option available.

Who would your ultimate fashion dream dinner guests be?

Halston. Yves Saint Laurent. Rick Owens. Daphne Guinness. Jennifer Lopez. I have been lucky enough to dine with some fabulous fashion Icons, and a dinner at Carolina Herrera's table at a Saks event, was a memorable one for sure.

Describe your style in 3 words:

Precise, aggressive and body conscious

We couldn't get enough of this amazing Marc Jacobs hat.

How often do you edit your wardrobe?

I have certain couture items and one of a kind items which always remain. Everything else get's edited about every two months. It's usually necessary to make room for new purchases. I also never repeat an exact look. There is always a tweak, either by changing the shoe or adding a bauble. An ensemble never feels the same if it's repeated exactly to me, and there's no reason not to mix it up.

Fashion magazines you love?

Print - V. VMan. Coitus. Marie Claire. Online - Contributing Editor

Who inspires you?

My sister.
For being a mother of three, marrying her high school sweet heart (who I adore), and being 5'9" and a size 2 with killer legs! I would be nothing without her in my life, and seeing her really do it all... inspires me every day.

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Photos: Ryan Benoit

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